Spring Newsletter 2013-Custom Painting in Los Angeles

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Spring is here. It’s time to spruce up the place…….The sun is out, the temperature’s risen. I’m just about ready to make shorts part of my work uniform again and I’m even thinking of turning on our sprinklers. The brown grass is getting to me. I’d probably be singing a simple song with the birds right about now, if only the phone hadn’t stopped ringing.

If Elizabeth St. Painters is an indicator, then this “fiscal crisis” situation is still very present. What happened? Last news letter, I was saying how good things were. Then, bam, all of a sudden people stopped doing everything..i.e. painting, repairs, remodeling, buying, selling…I thought we had made it out of the financial woods but now it seems like everything is on hold again.

That bad news being said, I want to believe that by the time you read this – next week – decisions will have been made by those that need to make decisions, that will lift this stifling funk and give us all confidence and a few more bucks once again. Or not. Maybe it’ll change once tax season is over.

Whatever the cause and effect, we’d like to provide our own brand of economic stimulus and a little spring cleaning help too.

10% off any work until April 15th, and if you hire us, we’ll also take away any old paints in your garage.

This offer is good for friends and relatives too.

Just mention this offer or coupon below.
This kind of deal doesn’t happen that much, so we hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy our newsletter and thanks for being a customer.
Happy Springtime
from Elizabeth St. Painters

Internet advertising or

Yelp help!

Elizabeth St. Painters needs your Yelp Help

Sometimes you just have to ask….If you’re one of our happy customers (we’re so sorry if your not) would you take a minute to write a review of your experience with our painting services on Yelp or any other relevant search site. For Yelp you have to have an account to submit a review. Follow this link if your not a member:


On be have of our crew and myself, thank you, we greatly appreciate it.

Internet Advertising
We all know that the internet has changed everything and one thing that has changed dramatically over the past few years is advertising. Just think, when has the last time you used the free Yellow or Smart Pages books delivered to your house every year. We end up taking them straight to the recycling bin. What a shame!

When Elizabeth St. Painters first started, having a website alone made us stand out from our competitors. Most owners were either handing out fliers, mailing postcards or paying their Yellow Pages bill to get new business.

These days everyone has a site. All painters, good, bad, licensed, unlicensed, big or small, they have some kind of site on the internet. We all compete for the same limited and all important top spot on the Google or Yelp (or Bing) search results page. I find myself scratching my head of thinning hair, wondering why we came up on the Google search results page last year but now, we’re no where to be found.

I have no answer for this dilemma, although many a advertising salesperson says they do. I only know that you must continually adjust in this environment and more than ever, you need your happy customers to speak up…….

Hope to hear from you….

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