Best Hollywood Painter in the Los Angeles Area

Hollywood residents choose Elizabeth St. Painters because of our reputation for excellent workmanship, professionalism and customer service. Our custom residential painting company has been serving the Hollywood community for nearly 10 yrs.  We offer competitive pricing, are fully licensed and bonded and have built our business through making the quality of our work our number one priority.

Our painters have over 50 years of combined painting experience.  They are skilled craftsmen capable of making most all “handyman” repairs and painting with delicate precision the most detailed surfaces.  In the Hollywood area homes can range from old to newer modern rebuilds.  The classic Hollywood homes we have painted have had severely weathered, damaged wood and stucco.  We can repair most rotted wood windows and doors, damaged drywall or deteriorating stucco.  We have saved our customers money not having to replace doors or windows be skillfully repairing and painting what might have seemed a lost cause.  If you are looking for a Hollywood painter with these skill sets, you have come to the right place.

Our high standards for quality start at the time of the estimate. Elizabeth St. Painters’ estimators will listen to your needs, hopes, expectations and desires.  We don’t over promise and we will always be honest about what can and can’t be done within the framework of your budget and home. We believe in providing every customer looking for a painter in Los Angeles with good, honest, and transparent service. Once we have examined your property inside or out, we will provide you a detailed estimate usually within 48 hrs.

After your decision has been made to work with us, we will schedule your job and begin the process of making you happy.  This might start by determining the perfect colors.  Providing a limited amount of color samples is part of our proposals.  We have learned that no matter how great the preparation and finish work on a job might be, our customers won’t truly be happy unless the color is right.

Once the work starts, your project manager will introduce you to the crew, including the job foreman and walk the job with the entire crew as laid out in our proposal.   Our crews will set up and start the preparation process.   At this time will go over what is expected from the homeowner as well.

For exteriors, we will cover plants, bushes and flowers where ever we can.  We move lawn furniture or over items, and cover walkways, patios and railings.  This includes extensive clean up after the job is finished.  We do our best to leave your property exactly as we found it, except for the beautiful paint job of course.   For interiors we will cover everything with plastic, paper or drop clothes.  We will cover our path from work areas to our set up area.  We remove light and outlet cover plates, light fixtures if necessary and move all furniture to the center of each room.  Again, our goal is to leave your house exactly as we found it and make the painting process as painless as possible.

If you are looking for a Hollywood painter who has experience with not only interiors and exteriors painting, but also repaired, stained and refinished decks, wood gates and doors and refinished cabinets with lacquer and paint, then give us a call today.


A list of satisfied customers is available upon request.