Your home’s exterior is the first thing you and other people notice about your house. It is a reflection of you and should represent the vision you have always had for your home.

At Elizabeth St. Painters we understand that painting your exterior is more than just throwing paint on stucco. Our job is to complete you vision as well as to repair and protect your house.

Our exterior painting services include:

  • color consulting
  • repairing wood
  • repairing stucco
  • caulking windows & cracks
  • cover all plants and landscaping
  • power washing
  • trim and moulding repair and installation
  • concrete repairs
  • concrete staining / painting
  • various handyman jobs
  • Iron railing and fence repair
  • insulating coatings and paint

Our goal is to provide you with a paint job that will last. We power wash the exterior of your home, trench around the house, cover outside plants, and patch and caulk any holes or cracks we detect in your walls. All during our painting process and afterwards we will clean up after ourselves so thoroughly that you won’t even know we were there.