Interiors – Detailed Prep

We understand that the interior of your home is a sacred place. When we paint interiors we not only take every precaution to protect it, we work hard to keep it clean and work as efficiently as possible. Getting you life back in order again with new colors and a great paint job is our primary goal. Here are a few of the points that make Elizabeth St. Painters the company to work with when your painting the inside of your house.

  • Every job starts with a detailed work order
  • We start your jobs each day on time and end each day according to schedule.
  • We will cover all furniture, floors and belongings with drop cloths, paper and plastic.
  • We will remove switch plates, move furniture and tape to protect knobs and other areas. When we’re finished with the job, we will put it all back.
  • We sample colors and spend time with our customers to make sure they choose the right colors that will make their vision a reality. We are color consultants.
  • We know that great prep is the key to a great paint job.
  • We can install moulding, repair doors and walls and perform other handyman services.
  • You are constantly in touch with your job’s project manager and have a foreman on site at all times.