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It’s here again. Not this newsletter, I’m talking about the beautiful Spring days. They’re working themselves in between all the rain storms we’re having. If the saying is true, “April showers bring May flowers” then get those gardens and flowers planted cause we’re in for a colorful spring season.

Springtime is also traditionally the season to plan and start home maintenance projects. Remember we’re here to help. Call us if your still budgeting or take advantage of our “Painter-for-a-day” special. Why ruin your weekend, let our guys do the work.

We’re going greener at Elizabeth St. Painters driving hybrids and we’ve got more road advertising via our new van signage.

The boss, that’s me, sold the old Ford F150 truck, getting 13 mpg and bought a used Ford Escape Hybrid getting 34 mpg driving around town all day. Very sweet, especially at the pumps.


Elizabeth St. Van

As always, we do our best in this newsletter to make it enjoyable and give you some useful information, even if it is merely our preferred vendor list.  Take your time, enjoy and please forward  to your friends, family or anyone you now looking for painting services.


Bill Moser
Elizabeth St. Painters

Springtime Maintenance

As you’re outside planting, pruning or trying to barbeque, you’ll notice some of the damage that Mother Nature has caused. It can appear as peeling, cracking paint on wood trim mostly. Contrary to what you might hope, there is nothing you or your favorite painters can do to wood trim paint to make it last forever. Wood wants to expand and contract with the change in temperature, causing cracking of paint and fillers. Moisture works itself into these openings and makes things worse. Sun and heat will take the shine out of some semi-gloss finishes and fade darker colors. (One reason white trim is so popular on houses is because it is more reflective then darker colors, reducing the heat effect from the sun.)
Maintenance, aka, a new paint job can keep it looking like new and also help protect wood from rotting, which often attracts termites. It’s always cheaper to re-paint then have to replace wood from termite damage.

Preferred Vendor List

We’ve had several opportunities recently to work with Dave from Ace Windows. His window replacement services compliments our painting services very nicely. I am often times talking with owners who are looking to paint and replace windows, so I always refer Dave. They do a good job, are reliable and have competitive prices. Just like us. Feel free to give Dave a call @ 818-720-8700. Tell him we sent you.
Another local business I have started to visit whenever I need a book, including books for my son’s reading assignments, is the Iliad Book Store on Cahuenga Blvd. in N. Hollywood.

This place is amazing. They have more books on every subject then the library or Barns & Noble. All used, but what great deals. If you have a subject or favorite topic you can’t get enough of, go to this book store. For example, they probably have every book ever written about the Beatles. I never knew there were so many. You can tell them I sent you, but it probably won’t mean much since I’m not that big a reader.

Elizabeth St. Elite Update

The Elizabeth St. Elite basketball team is driving to the hole once again. Our spring season is under way and we’re having a blast. We have several returning players and some great new boys and parents.

Starting and running a youth BBall team has been a little like starting my business (without the profits). Once you find committed players, like painters you can start to build something. Our main goal is to get our players as ready for high school basketball as we can and still have some fun and good experiences playing against good competition. So far so good.

If you’d like to help support our team any donations will get us to more tournaments, pay for our practice facility and maybe get us some warm-up jerseys. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Go to http://fundly.com/elizabethstelite if you can help.

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