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Welcome to the second installment of News from Elizabeth St., aptly entitled “More News from Elizabeth St.” Our original plan for this newsletter was to stay in touch with our customers monthly. So, if that were the case you should have received this issue about 3 weeks ago. (At least we’re still barely in the right month). Just remember, even if we are behind schedule, we are always thinking about our customers. Getting you to keep thinking about us is a primary objective.

Before I go further, let me just say Happy New Year to everyone. Please join me in saying goodbye to 2010. I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say, “you won’t be missed”. Welcome 2011!

Each issue of our newsletter will try to provide some insight into a topic that might interest you, the home owner. Whether it’s about decorating, maintaining or getting your house ready to put on the market, we’ll come up with something that might help you. In this issue, I’ve decided to give you my 2 cents about selecting colors and keeping old paint. Exciting stuff.

Something new this month…we’re adding a Preferred Vendor’s Area. These vendors/business owners may or may not have anything to do with your home. It’s more of a community thing. It might include a restaurant that we like or as in this issue, a Locksmith or Car Detailer. It will only be a vendor that we have used ourselves. All part of spreading the word and positive energy about those that provide a good, honest service. Just like us.

As chief editor (or is it editor-in-chief) of this newsletter you are always welcome to contact me for more information regarding anyone we’ve put on our vendor list, or any of the topics we present. Until next issue……

Thankfully yours,

Bill Moser
Elizabeth St. Painters

Paint Colors

If you are painting to redecorate or to create something new, then my first suggestion is always trust your gut. Start with what colors feel right to you. What’s the “vibe” you want out of the space your painting? My second 2 cents and an absolute must is to sample paint colors in the rooms you want to paint.

What looks good on a paint chip, or in a magazine or even in the next room does not mean it looks right in this room. Once it is on the wall and dry you’ll know. The extra time it takes to do this will save you in the long run.
Another 2 cents, (it must be a dime by now) is that it’s okay not to have all your colors when you start the job. Some decisions become obvious once you start adding color. That’s why working with the right painters, like Elizabeth St. Painters is important to a thrilling paint job. We’ll help with making suggestions, bring by samples and manage the project to avoid going over budget. (Sorry, if you hire a painter-for-a-day, this all goes out the window)
In closing, a new color on your walls is the cheapest form of decorating you can do. If you need help selecting colors we’re here to help. You can keep the change.

Still introducing- “Painter-for-a-Day”

This service was received very positively from our last issue, so let’s not fix what’s not broken. We’re still offering

Concrete Repair
For $250 we will provide one of our skilled painter/handiman for an entire day plus prep materials. You provide the finish paint (and any special hardware) and he’ll be yours to paint a room, patch the stucco, repair and paint the door or fix the rotted wood on your windowsill. Whatever it is, inside or out, if he can fix-it, he will. Call us first and let us know what you have in mind. Our office # 818-506-9731

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