How Much Will a Hollywood Painter Charge For An Exterior House Painting Job?

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The cost of paining the exterior of a house depends on various factors. A hasty calculation of the expense without consulting the painter and considering all the different factors is unwise. The location of the house, the season, size of the house, whether it is a new construction or an old one, the brand of the paint to be used — are some of the factors that the house owner should keep in mind while calculating the cost.
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For a Hollywood Painter, the location of the project matters in estimating the cost. The painter has to know how far he needs to travel since he has to carry all the necessary tools for paining to the venue every day. The cost of carrying the materials varies with how far a property is.
Seasons play a decisive role in determining the cost of the project. If dry and sunny weather is a friend to exterior house painting, damp and moisture are its foe. The cost goes high if a Hollywood Painter is bound to paint the exterior of a house in wet and damp weather conditions.
How many square feet have to be painted is determined by the size of the house. The quantity of the paint depends on this. The cost also varies with how new or old a home is. If the house is old, the exterior might get damp, dirty or even freckled. For such an exterior, the painter might need a paint scraper, a putty knife, sandpaper or sanding block and a stiff brush. He might also need a heat gun paint remover and a power washer if required. These additional tools are not required if the construction is new.
Finally, the estimate varies with the varied price range of various brands of paints. You don’t want to skimp on this part of the materials as this is one of the most important. Using cheap painting materials may cause your paint job to not last as long, so make sure that the Hollywood painter you hire is using top quality paints.

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