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It’s that time of the year again. Oh boy! If you’re anything like me, getting in the Holiday spirit doesn’t come automatically just because the media keeps telling us it’s Christmas time. I wish I could just throw that Holiday Spirit switch and be happy and all cheery the whole month of December, which is still only about half the length of time expected for Holiday cheer. Aren’t we bombarded starting in November? I hope you don’t think I’m a Scooge because I do end up getting in the spirit eventually and it’s usually before Ebinezer did on Christmas Eve.

See I always have this “to do list” that needs to be near completion before can I lighten up a little bit. (yes, I’m very type A). So when Christmas season comes, as you very well know, that list is loooooooooooooooooong. Once I buy a tree, have wife & kids decorate it (because I’m out putting up the outside lights, which usually takes 2 days because we live on a corner lot), get the Xmas cards made, written, addressed and sent, buy most of the people on my list their presents, provided all necessary school gifts, cards, $$$, and donations, take care of all year end business needs, figured out how to take a few days off for a mini-vacation before everyone goes back to school, and finally line up some work for after the holiday…..that’s when it starts to hit me.

Even though this December I have the added task of finding renters for an empty house, and running a youth basketball team of 13 yr.olds, the spirit will come. I’ll start ordering peppermint coffee drinks, take a detour driving home to see some Christmas lights, maybe even enjoy walking into Macy’s for that final gift on the list. It happens every season. I have faith. This year I may even edge out Ebinezer by a whole week.

I sincerely hope that the spirit eventually hits you too this season. Merry Christmas everyone.

Bill Moser
Elizabeth St. Painters

Elizabeth St. Elite Update

The Elizabeth St. Elite, recently completed there first full season as a legitimate AAU club team. The team did a very good job against some tough teams from the ARC league in the Valley. We finished somewhere in the middle of the standings, which I though for our first full season was impressive.

Our biggest challenge has been keeping our team together. (much like in the NBA ). Thirteen yr.olds and their parents are committed in so many areas and it’s only getting tougher. We only have 3 returning from last season. Although we did recently pick up some very good players (with good parents) so it’s starting to come together again. I’m excited about our upcoming season.

A few of the boys (and Dad’s) recently volunteered at the MEND food bank in Pacoima. We moved a lot of canned foods that day. We plan on helping more in the future.

Our one planned fund raiser is postponed until after the Holidays. However, if you’d like to help support our team any donations will get us to more tournaments, pay for our practice facility and maybe get us some warm-up jerseys. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Go to if you can help.

Our Preferred Vendor

I’ve been using Joe Love from Love’s Software & Computer Service to fix my PC whenever I have a problem. Joe usually comes to my office right away when I need him. If he can’t fix the problem there he’ll take it back to his shop. When he’s finished he’ll deliver it back, when he says he will.

I recently had some “PC repair credit” purchased through a school fund raiser. After the free part was up, the estimate to fix our machine made my jaw drop. I called Joe and got my problem fixed and then some, all over the weekend for half of what I was quoted from the other guys. Thanks Joe.

Good work, reasonable prices and reliability, all reasons why Love’s Software & Computer Service is one of our preferred service vendors. Please give them a call and tell him we sent you. 818-907-7538


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