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Time sure flies. We had plans for a Fall Newsletter, but now it’s turned into our Holiday issue. We hope that this finds our good customers doing well, getting by each day, looking forward to the coming Holidays with joy and happiness. Don’t let the pressures of the season and year’s end ruin your spirit!!!!!

A quick update
In our last issue I showed a picture of our first official Elizabeth St. Van. Our second official van is only a month or so from hitting the streets. Our Elizabeth St. paint crews are better than ever. Not necessarily larger, just working like a fine tuned machine. They are a big reason we continue to get more and more repeat business.

A good sign from our perspective
We’re starting to get calls again from new home owners, realtors, and people thinking about selling. These are all great signs for the home improvement industry and hopefully housing values. Let’s hope it keeps up.

Thanks for reading and please call us if we can help this Holiday season or coming winter months.
Happy Holidays
from Elizabeth St. Painters

Get rid of that old paint

Well, they finally did it. The powers that be have made it much easier to get rid of that old paint lying around your garage.

It used to be you’d have to take old paints to special recycling locations run be the city with limited hours and days of operation or to a special recycling event in some community college parking lot. I’ve had to remove our company signs off the truck or take my wife’s car just to unload our extra paint. Well, NO MORE.

Within the last month or two, most major paints store are part of a consumer paint recycling program. You can drop off up to 5 gallons per visit any time you want. Dunn Edwards, Sherwin Williams and other paint stores are participating and taking in old paint, no questions asked.

The state has imposed a minimal recycling fee when you purchase paint to pay for this program, but even I’ll admit, it’s worth it.

IMPORTANT: If you ever plan on doing touch-ups in your home, don’t throw out your only can of old paint. You’ll need that color. Also, if latex paint is left open and solidifies completely, you can simply throw the can in the trash. Save yourself a trip.


We recently re-joined the national PDCA. That stands for Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.   It the main organization for painters that helps to set standards for how we conduct business and how we perform our painting projects. They have a convention every year also. This years it’s in St. Louis.  (Not on my list of places to see).  Look for their logo….

PDCA logo

Elizabeth St. Elite Update

Our basketball team has been put on hold indefinitely. All our boys have became teenagers and most are in high school this year. They’ve got a lot on their minds, as well as year round school basketball programs.

I can only hope that they learned something playing for our team. I wish them the best of luck with there hoop careers..

As far as the Elizabeth St. Elite’s future plans, maybe a tournament or spring league. Who knows, at least we’ve still got great uniforms.

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