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Welcome to our first ever newsletter. Okay so it’s not really news for the actual Elizabeth St., which is in Manhattan for those that didn’t know. It’s from Elizabeth St. Painters and your receiving it via the convenience of email because you have been a valued customer of ours in the past and we want to keep in touch with you, as well as provide some helpful ideas for your home.

Our plan with “News from Elizabeth St.” is to keep things short, sweet and interesting. Since we’re talking about the protection and beautification of your home – both inside and out, well, there is a lot we can talk about. This being our inaugural monthly issue, nothing is set in stone yet. In the future we will try to provide our thoughts or information on just about any topics that might concern you and other homeowners. (Please don’t ask us what to do about lousy neighbors though. Our answer is and will always be….move, go by a new house and call us to come and paint it.) So remember, your feed back is always welcome!

We realize that the Holiday Season is just beginning. We understand that it’s a time where everyone gets very busy and bombarded with lots and lots of stuff. So…. if you’ve taken the time to open this email and read to this point, then we thank you and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season.

Thankfully yours,


Bill Moser
Elizabeth St. Painters

Introducing- “Painter-for-a-Day”

It used to be we would use our home equity to remodel or repaint the entire house inside or out. Today people are putting off of those big jobs… and for good reason.
Still, maintaining your home for appearance and protection are as important as ever. That’s why we have introduced our new “Painter-for-a-day” service. For $250 we will provide one of our skilled painter/handiman for an entire day plus prep materials. You provide the finish paint (and any special hardware) and he’ll be yours to paint a room, patch the stucco, repair and paint the door or fix the rotted wood on your windowsill. Whatever it is, inside or out, if he can fix-it, he will. Call us first and let us know what you have in mind. Our office # 818-506-9731

Deck Restoration

We’ve been in the deck restoration business since we started our company almost 8 yrs ago. Restoring decks can be very satisfying work, but not everyone can or wants to do it.
There’s no right answer when it comes to keeping your outdoor entertainment area beautiful. There are many options and every hardware store, paint store or Home Depot sells a different finish product. On top of that every vendor keeps reformulating their product lines to meet the new EPA standards. So what you used last year, might not be around this year.
To keep redwood decks looking nice you have to be prepared to maintain them. Your frequency of maintenance has everything to do with the products you use to finish them and the amount of sun and wear and tear they get.

If you’ve got questions, give us a call. We’ll tell you what we know. We’ll also listen to you. If you had success with a product, we want to know. We’re always look for a better solutions.

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