What Makes a House Painting Company a Master Painting Company?

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Handing your beloved house over to house painters is agonizing enough, but returning to discover what they did to your poor baby might just break your heart! Fear not, this handy guide will make distinguishing masters from run-of-the-mill painters as easy as pie.

Making the Time

Nothing will give away “not-so-masterful painters” than their tardiness. Professionals will be careful to be punctual. For any aspiring master painters perusing this article, understand that if you arrive on time, you will be done on time.

Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s

Meticulousness and attention to detail is another virtue painters should strive to attain. Leaving a nook unpainted screams unprofessionalism and the client is unlikely to recommend you to their friends. Leaving pieces of tape, used to cover switches etc, behind is another thing to avoid. For people hiring painters, do your homework and check out previous work by the painter – crooked edging lines and insufficient number of applied coats are dead giveaways. Master painting companies have one person, a project manger responsible for a successfully completed project. A final walk through should happen before final payment is given.

Don’t Wait Up For Me

A master painter is resourceful. Taking initiatives to resolve issues and knowing exactly who and what to ask builds trust and confidence in a customer. A master painting company continually communicates throughout the painting project.

Here One Day…

If you lack constancy, your attitude belies your experience and talent. Working your paintbrush off one day while not exerting yourself the next day is not what a reliable master painter would be guilty of. Clients should also keep an eye on the proceedings. Hiring and continuing to retain a painter like this will mean your house will not be done on time.

Mind Your Manners

When you meet a representative from a prospective painting company, pay attention to how they behave. Courteousness, an aura of professionalism, and a positive attitude towards the project on hand are as important tools of the trade as their work!

Blast from the Past

References are important. Before hiring a painting company, find out about the kind of work they do. Ask for a list of references. Quality references are very important, but at the same time, take the complaints with a grain of salt. Some people blame the damage caused by the weather on the painter and you should learn to spot the difference between an actual complaint and a disgruntled client.

Insurance Required

If your painter is not insured, pay heed to the warning bells jangling in your head. One of the first signs of trustworthy painters is that they are insured! If you hire one that is not, YOU take all the risk! If a worker gets hurt on your property, guess whom they can come after? Painters should be able to provide proof of their liability and workers compensation insurance upon request.

We hope this article was a revelation. Good luck with your painting project!

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