Summer Shades: Colors to Add to your Space this Summer

If you live in or around Hollywood, one thing you probably know is that summers here can get pretty warm! We’re talking about temperatures which are easily upward of 100 degrees on some days, and usually, not lower than 55.

For this reason, if you’re having your home painted during the warm summer months, you might want to consider colors that are cooling as well as aesthetically appealing.

Colors to Look into For Interior Home Painting in 2019

contemporary-decoration-design-1090638One of our companies services is color consultation.  We make recommendations, put up color samples on your walls and give you our “2 cent” opinion on what color works or might be trending at the time.  

Here’s a list of colors that you might want to consider for your home this summer.

Lighter Shades of Blue

Lighter blues are usually the prime go-to when it comes to summer colors. Using the wrong shade of blue, however, can make your space look smaller. Here are some shades of blue you might want to consider for an interior pain job:

  • Charcoal blue
  • Gray blue
  • Ice blue
  • Pale powder-blue

Though largely traditional, these shades are once again gaining popularity among those who want a casual color that doesn’t overpower the rest of their interior décor.


Let’s say you want a little more pop to the space you’re having painted. Brighter colors, when used sparingly can light up your interiors and accentuate the natural light that comes into your home. Overusing bright shades, however, can quickly turn into an eyesore.

One slightly brighter summer shade that does work, though, is mustard. Mustard adds depth to your interiors, helps with highlighting other elements of your décor and is cooler than say, orange and yellow.


Though this one is more of an all-rounder, we’re also mentioning hazelnut in our summer color recommendations due to its versatility. This color doesn’t clash with other colors or other elements in the room. It’s cool enough for warmer days yet quite ideal for when it gets cooler as well.

Hazelnut is ideal for larger common spaces as well as small and personal ones like bedrooms or study spaces.

Muted Pastels

Finally, if you’re looking for a safe go-to color range option for your common spaces, these shades are ideal. Light and soothing, these shades are non-intrusive, neutral, and make interior spaces look larger. They complement both, crowded and sparsely decorated rooms, and are usually a good choice if you’re looking to go for something that isn’t overly bold or bright.

In Conclusion

There are a whole lot of other summer color options you could look into. Once we have provided an estimate and you have engaged our painting company to do the work, we’ll give you a run down on what’s trending and what isn’t among color options. We’ll visit your space, put up samples and give you advice on what colors to go for, keeping in mind your interior design and taste.

If you’re based in or around Studio City and you’ve got a job related to residential painting, we’re happy to help!

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