Choosing the Right Paint Colors

3207945Painting your house means selecting the right colors, and selecting the right colors means you have a hard nut to crack. There are simply too many colors to choose from, too many places to paint, and too many choices to make!

Do you paint the entire house with the same color? Do you go rabid with your selection of bold hues? Do you keep in conventional or go cockish contemporary?

Let us help you seek the answers to these questions by guiding you through the colorful process of choosing the right paint colors.

Consider Your Furniture

This approach works best when you have no idea where or how to begin. Remember, whenever the choice of colors begins to seem overwhelming, turn to the resources that you have already: your furniture.

Work out which piece of furniture goes where, and which exactly is going to be your centerpiece. Once you have the centerpiece chalked out, work around it. Is it a vintage recliner? A Persian rug? A rustic lamp? Which colors would go best with these items and which would help make them stand out?

For instance, let’s say your Persian rug is a deep, royal scarlet and gold. The scarlet is the obvious deep shade, and so you can pick a shade contrasting or similar to the gold for a striking finish.

Gradients Work Best

A gradient simply means a transition of colors from darkest to the lightest, in vertical ascending order. In this way, you reserve the darkest hues for your flooring or carpet, relatively lighter shades for the walls, and the lightest shades for the ceiling. This is a trick we’ve learned from nature.

Analogous or Contemporary?

When thinking color combinations, go the way the color wheel tells you to. And the color wheel can be used to determine combinations for analogous and complementary preferences. So for instance if you want an analogous combination, colors which sit right next to each other work best. These combinations work best for bathrooms, bedrooms and warmer, more private locations.

For a complementary combination, go with colors opposing each other on the color wheel. These work best for public spheres such as the living room, kitchen, etc.

Multiple Colors

There’s no rule that dictates how necessary it is to paint the entire house in one shade. After all, there are millions of colors in the world—and each room can be painted a different one!

Remember: There are Fifty (Give or Take) Shades of Grey


There are actually more than 50 shades of grey—101 in total, to be exact. And not only is grey a safe, beautiful color—it’s also trending! Minimalist interiors and contemporary designers love this color for obvious reasons: and it goes pretty well with most other colors: take red, blue, white, yellow, orange, the list goes on.

Mood Matters

Think of colors and how they make you feel. Your most private areas—your bedroom in particular—must be painted in these. The colors which make you feel happiest and most at peace should be around you in abundance because your mood matters.

Do a Test Patch

Before the painters begin their task, do a test patch on part of a wall to check how it looks in the lighting, and only then proceed. This exercise helps you get a good idea of the finished product before the painting even begins!

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